Free MUSIC Downloader

Download music from YouTube for free!

Ever wanted to save music from YouTube? I know I did! Many times… Or maybe you just want to have a certain tune that you like very much. Free MUSIC Downloader is a Windows Phone app that allows you to grab all the music you want from YouTube at best quality. Just search it and with one tap you’ll have it in your Music + Videos Hub – where you can play and manage all media files on your Windows Phone.

You can search, find and download millions of tunes, very easy and enjoyable: all you have to do is search the tune you desire, tap download icon, modify album, artist, song and genre if you want and tap OK; after that you can play the song from your Music + Videos Hub. Yes, it’s that easy!

The app have an info screen that briefly instructs how to use it, a settings tab that allows to adjust few preferences, a download list and a search bar – all these arranged in a pleasant, intuitive and elegant interface.

Free MUSIC Downloader is a free to download and install application and all tunes are free to download just as they are free on YouTube. List of the songs is updated maintained by YouTube and owners of the songs. Application is ad-supported and offers possibility to remove ads if you pay a small fee.

Disclaimer: Songs found using this app are hosted by YouTube and are available in public domain. Free MUSIC Downloader does not upload any videos to YouTube. Application offers only an entirely organized and easy manner to search and save the music from these YouTube Videos. For best download speed use Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or better :) when you use the app.